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Botanic Gardens And Arboretum | Jefferson City, MT

Tizer Botanic Gardens And Arboretum | By botanic gardens
P.O. Box 129, Jefferson City, MT 59638
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 Located in Jefferson City, Montana, Tizer Botanic Gardens & Arboretum offers visitors 6-acres of stunning gardens to explore, a diverse nursery, a beautiful wedding venue, and various festivals and educational activities throughout the year.

Vegetable Garden:

 The best raspberry and strawberry patches in the county are right here in the gardens and if you are lucky enough you might even get to taste them. Vegetables of every kind can be found growing even in this harsh environment that usually gets less than 60 consecutive frost free days.

 Rose Garden:

The Rose Garden was developed in 2003 for the purpose of testing roses for Weeks Roses of California. Today, the Rose Garden is home to mostly Canadian roses.

Herb Garden:

Perennial as well as annual herbs are abundant in herb garden. Medicinal, edible and tea herbs happily intermingle.

 Wildflower Walk 

Throughout most of the summer but especially in the spring, if you climb up above the Children's Garden you might be lucky enough to spot some of Montana's most amazing wildflowers from crocus, and buttercups to sugar bowls and pussy toes. While you are up there, sit a while on the observation deck and let the breeze blow your cares away.

Prickley Pear Creek:

Tizer Gardens is truly blessed with Prickly Pear Creek, which meanders through the middle of the property. That in itself creates magic! It provides water for the plants and birds, habitat for the fish and frogs, fun for the kids, and solitude and serenity for the grownups. Explore the living tool shed and all the great spots just to sit and take it all in.

The Children's Garden:

Supervised by 6 blooming upside down trees, you can see gnomes racing on ladybugs and hear the fairies giggling as they tend their miniature gardens. Always a delight for young and old.

 Gazebo Garden:

People are always amazed by the 9 ft delphiniums and the cotton candy Meadowsweet in this garden. Keep your eyes open for the many varieties of bush and climbing clematis.

 Gift Shop and The Old Homesteaders Cabin:

We pride ourselves on finding unique, fun items to share with you in our gift shop. Light snacks such as ice cream and popcorn are available.

Nestled in the crook of the Pickley Pear Creek, the original homesteaders cabin was built over a 100 years ago and restored by Richard in 1999. Today it's rustic charm adds a little magic to every bride's wedding day.

 Secret Garden:

Just 5 minutes resting in the Secret Garden, listening to the birds, focusing on the sounds and sights of the Prickly Pear Creek and maybe even jotting a thought or two in the journal, and you will realize how much your soul needed this time in nature. Relax and enjoy for just a moment leaving the crazy world behind. But don't miss the Himalanian Blue Poppies.

 Asparagus Patch:

Besides tasting delicious, asparagus has many exquisite phases during a growing season: from the time it pokes it's head through the ground, to the beautiful fern like green foliage that then turns an amazing golden with beautiful red berries in the fall.

 Begonia Gardens:

Why? Because Belva must have begonias!


Artists, writers, readers are always welcome to take inspiration from the gardens.

 Butterfly & Hummingbird Garden:

Butterflies and hummingbirds love the whole garden, but this garden is extra colorful. In 2005 the gardens were a research site for hummingbirds.

 Meditation Garden:

 Meditation, Shade, and Tree Gardens

Scotch moss and a Buddha. What more could you ask for?

 Reading Tree:

Built by Richard.

 Shade Garden:

Cool, peaceful, wonderful plants.