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Welcome!  I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your interest in hunting Montana, and to explain our operation. We are located in the Scapegoat Wilderness, which is part of the Bob Marshall Wilderness Complex, Helena National Forest, northwest of Lincoln, MT.

Even though we are part of the "Bob" our area is not as rugged and steep. We hunt from an elevation of 4200 feet by small rivers to up over 8000 feet on the Continental Divide. We have some of the best elk and deer habitat in the wilderness, from deep timber, to high country parks, to above the timberline on the Divide, all accessed by horseback.

In our operation I like taking in small numbers, from four or six hunters per hunt.  We will hunt the animal of your choice. We will not pressure you to shoot the first thing you see, it is your choice, and we don't pack you out early if you score early in the hunt.

Scapegoat Wilderness is known not only for its great backcountry hunting but has some of the most fantastic views in the world! Our clients feel the wilderness experience is worth the price and their hunting successes are a bonus. 

Bill Plante - Owner / Outfitter / Master Guide

Scapegoat Wilderness Outfitters

7268 Bailey Road

P.O. Box 824

Fort Benton, Montana 59442-0824

Phone: 406-622-3210

Cell: 406-781-0642

Fax: 406-622-3210

E:Mail: swo@itstriangle.com

Outfitter License #1969

The Hunts With Scapegoat Wilderness Outfitters 

We offer many types of hunts, from elk and deer combination, to elk only or trophy deer only. My aim is to customize the hunt to work for you.

We schedule one archery hunt prior to the opening of rifle season. Our area is one of only two in the state that offers this early season during the bugle. 

The area we hunt in is a brow-tine bull only area, which means the points off of the head must be 4" long, usually a 4 x4 is the minimum for the requirements.

Our camps are reached by horseback, a trip of 2 and 1/2 hours to the main camp. Our full service camp consists of very comfortable 14' x 16' wall tents, tarp floor, lanterns with bulk propane hook-ups, large wood stoves, and sturdy cots with foam pads.  

The 16' x 34' cook tent is very well stocked, lots of food, tables, seats, a large wood stove, a propane cast iron restaurant grill, and a propane four burner stove and oven unit. We are renowned for preparing some of the best home-style meals in the west. And as a bonus at our camp, we have a great supply of drinking water.

Main camp also consists of a tack tent, hitch rails, and a full set or corrals. We pack all our supplies in by mule string, including around 340 bales of certified hay and over a ton of feed supplement.

At times we use layout camps in order to save horseback riding time from the main camp to our outer areas. This also helps to spread out the hunting pressure. These camps are comfortable with cots, foam pads, and heat. The guide and hunters help with the cooking. These camps are usually two to three hours from the main camp.