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Pioneer Outfitter is a for-sure, full-time hunting outfit, not concerned with the fancy stuff.  We just concentrate on getting our hunters into some Montana high country, and have a little fun while we're at it.  Course, we expect some cooperation from the game, too.

The Pages...

Cliff and Chuck grew up fishing and hunting and they know just about every mountain, creek and trail in a hundred miles... and all of it prime hunting country.  They run the place like it ought to be run, one thing for sure, they know their business, and don't fool with much else.

Pioneer Outfitter is a full-time operation, and when Cliff and Chuck aren't with hunters, they're busy scouting the country for game, or getting things ready for the next season.  Carolyn and Shawna, also known as the "Better Halves" keep a close eye on all, prepare meals like good ole Mom used to cook, and make sure your stay is a happy and memorable one.

No brag... just fact...

We can tell you stories all day long. Better yet, so can the folks who've hunted with us before. We'll furnish a list for you to contact if you want. We'll let them tell you about our outfit and the great country we hunt.

Our favorite hunting is on the north end of the Pioneer Mountains in Beaverhead National Forest.  We also hunt in Deer Lodge National Forest, or wherever we think the game could be.  It's best that you don't have any notions about easy hunting in the Pioneers. It's no piece of cake. These mountains hardly resemble your local golf course, so you have to reckon with yourself about your personal stamina and health.

Strange wood carvings...

Don't bet on Montana weather.  There are times when we have the nicest fall... warm days, cool nights... often some light tracking snow.  Other times, like as not, we can have the coldest, most wretched doggone weather!  Snow up to your axle, cold enough to freeze your whiskers... not pleasant.  We've seen it a mild 50 degrees, or so, then drop to a minus 15 degrees, all in the same week!  Best bring plenty of warm clothing... pants, shirts and socks of wool are great... and a good quality, warm sleeping bag.  Some folks have even brought along their wood carvings which look a lot like Jack Daniels bottles, admired around an evening campfire to take a man's mind off the cold.

Hard water...

We expect you to have the good common sense to account for yourself.  You bring your rifle, ammunition or bow, arrows, sleeping bag, warm clothing, camera, film, personal gear, hunting licenses and permits.  Keep in mind, you probably won't use your razor, even if you bring it.  The water tends to get a tad hard this time of the year, anyway.  Besides, elk don't seem to have any appreciation at all for shaving lotion.

Keep your pack light as possible, with only the basic necessities.  We don't claim to have the smartest horses in the valley, but they darn sure know when they're packing a lot of unnecessary weight around these hills.  After we run you around the mountains all day, you probably won't be looking for much more than some hot food and a dry place to spread your bedroll, anyway.

Early American rough...

For our high country pack trips, we take care of everything, except your personal gear (that's up to you, like we said).  The high camp will have plenty of grub, a great camp cook, wall tents with stoves, cots for your bed rolls, and strong gentle mountain horses.  Our high camp is basic early American rough, but for a pack outfit, it's a first-class operation.  We're a little shy on the indoor plumbing, but we're good hands at cussin' and tall tales, and we throw in the advise for free.

During our day hunts, we put you up at base camp with a roof over your head at night, and a bed to spread your roll on.  We furnish three square meals per day.  Each morning, we head for the hills with our four wheel drive rigs, and hunt by day. Of course, you're to account for your own personal gear and licenses.

Now archery season starts in early fall, and is our favorite time of the year.  Yup, that's when we talk to those big bulls, and call them right in.  Of course, there's a lot of chance involved here, but it's one of the most exciting hunts you will ever experience.  Archery hunting big bulls is difficult at best, but with us (who, sure enough) are experienced bow hunters... we will surely get you to the right place and time for a shot at that "trophy" bull of a lifetime.