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Welcome to the web home of Big Salmon Outfitters.  We specialize in Wild and Scenic Pack Trips in the Bob Marshall Wilderness of Montana.  Let us show you the beauty of the Bob Marshall Wilderness through one of our scenic horse-back wilderness pack trips, amaze you with blue ribbon trout fishing on the incredible South Fork of the Flathead River, Big Salmon Lake and River, White River, Youngs Creek, Danaher Creek, and many off the beaten path lakes and streams. We also offer Drop Floats on the South Fork of the Flathead River. We can deliver your group and equipment to the confluence of the South Fork for a drop float trip, rafting on the South Fork has become a favorite way for many to enjoy this incredible wilderness river. And last but not least, our favorite, Montana hunting as it was meant to be, out of our Big Slide base camp.

Rafting Drop Floats on the South Fork of the Flathead River

Raft Drop Float Information

We offer Rafting Drop Floats on the upper South Fork of the Flathead.  We can take you, your boats and gear by horseback into the confluence with Gordon Creek, and drop you off on the river.  We can also do the take out after your float, or help arrange a take out at Mid Creek.

 Packing and Raft Drop Float Services

Drops to the confluence with Gordon Creek are $275 per animal.  Trips over Lodgepole, to Hahn Cabin are also available for $325 per animal.  A weight limit of 150 pounds per pack animal will be strictly enforced.  Please have all loose items packed in duffel bags, boxes, coolers, etc., with no pack in excess of 75 pounds.  A $100 per item surcharge will be assessed for any single item in excess of 80 lbs.  $1000 per trip minimum.

 Drop Rates

We also offer drops for those wishing to visit the wilderness for hiking, fishing, or other wilderness activities.  Our rate is $140 per day loaded, $100 per day for empty returns.  Please have all loose items packed in duffel bags, boxes, coolers, etc., with no pack in excess of 75 pounds.  $1000 per trip minimum

Wilderness Pack Trips 

Our wilderness pack trips combine a summer camping vacation, with travel by horseback.  Outstanding scenery, well trained horses, and friendly family atmosphere make this an excellent choice for adventure vacation.

Wilderness Fishing Trips

The Bob Marshall Wilderness has many miles of excellent water for all levels of fishing.  The South Fork of the Flathead boasts one of the largest populations of west slope cutthroat trout in the country.

Big Game Hunting 

When the leaves start to rustle, 

the nights get frosty and the elk begin to bugle, we turn our full attention to hunting.  Our main hunting camp is on the Big Salmon River, in the heart of the Bob Marshall Wilderness, 24 miles from the end of the road.  Area 150 is one of the few to allow rifle hunting for elk during the peak of the rut.  We also offer hunting for Mule Deer, Black Bear, Mountain Goat, and Mountain Lion.