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Golf Course | Deer Lodge, MT

Rock Creek Cattle Company, Rock Creek Golf Course | By cattle company
105 Pauly Drive, Deer Lodge, MT 59722
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Welcome to Rock Creek Cattle Company, a 30,000 acre historic Montana working cattle ranch, traversed by streams and framed by mountains. It’s the Western lifestyle lived to its fullest, with diverse homestead offerings ranging from one acre to 110 acres, along with luxury Cabins and Cottages built along Rock Creek that embrace the grandeur of their setting. In addition, Rock Creek Cattle Company boasts one of Tom Doak’s finest private golf courses as its centerpiece. The Rock Creek Cattlemen’s Club – our beautiful, well-appointed lodge – as well as our full-service Fitness Center are both located on the creek’s banks. Rock Creek Cattle Company’s impressive landscape is situated on the northeast side of the magnificent Flint Creek Mountain Range, just outside of Deer Lodge.

The land that now makes up Rock Creek Cattle Company was once a part of the historic Grant-Kohrs Ranch, a sprawling empire that spanned nearly 10 million acres of southwestern Montana. Rock Creek Cattle Company is comprised of the 28,000-acre Home Ranch and secluded Rock Creek Lake. In addition, Rock Creek Cattle Company leases 50,000 acres from the state specifically for cattle grazing. This land, known as “Spotted Dog”, is one of the best elk winter ranges in Montana and a wildlife mecca with elk, bears, wolves, deer and antelope.

Out here most introductions still start with a slight tip of the hat and a firm handshake. This casual formality will be your first of many meetings. You’ll soon discover that the Ranch will keep introducing herself to you day after day, year after year. Familiarity will come from knowing her history and tradition. A true connection is born from riding the land. Welcome to the Ranch.


The Tom Doak Golf Course at Rock Creek Cattle Company offers a very different kind of recreation on the range. The 18-hole, 350-acre golf course designed by Doak is a stunning tribute to the beauty and grandeur that surround it.

The layout of the 18 holes encompasses three different sections of Ranch land, with the course design lending itself to the beauty of the natural terrain. The holes are framed by fescue and sagebrush with the views beyond the greens sometimes extending for miles. In the spring the fescue is a beautiful emerald green. As the temperatures start to warm and we move into June the color of the fescue begins to change first into stunning red and purple colors before finally changing to the golden brown that helps to frame the golf holes. Then, in the fall, as the aspens change their colors it can be difficult to concentrate on your game.

The golf course plays fast and firm and, in true links fashion, there are many areas at Rock Creek Cattle Company that when your tee shot lands you may want to watch a little longer. The different nuances in the fairways and around the greens will call for more strategy than just hitting from Point A to Point B. Just like being a great driver of the ball is an advantage, this golf course will give a definite advantage to the player that is a great putter and has a sharp short game. The bunkers have a definitive rough look with jagged edges that are cut right around huge rocks and sagebrush leaving a very untouched and natural look.

The course is designed to be enjoyed on foot, with the next tee always just a stone’s throw from the green you’ve just played. The fairways are broad and inviting, but the contours are much more rugged and intricate. Rock Creek itself meanders throughout the course, bordering some of the fairways and, in some cases, it must be traversed by a well-placed shot. When you set up for your drive at the final tee, the peaks of the Flint Creek Range swell before you, just begging you to try and reach them. Tom Doak has created a course where your toughest choice of the day will be whether to retire to the comforts of the Rock Creek Cattlemen’s Club, stroll down to the creek and fish, or go back out on the course for another round.