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Western Timberline Outfitters | By westerntimber
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We have been Western Timberline Outfitters for over a decade and have guided hundreds of successful big game hunts and fishing vacations in Montana. 

Michael Waddel features Western Timberline Outfitters on the Realtree Road Trip Show at Realtree.com

Michael Waddel and Western Timberline Outfitters hosts a show with Cancer survivor Kyle Dunnaway from Hunt Of A Lifetime.  Watch Kyle and Michael take Two great Mule deer in Realtree's Roadtrips - Montana Mule Deer.  With this area of Montana offering whitetails, mule deer, antelope and even elk, you better be ready for anything.  Watch this Montana Mule Deer buck being taken on Week 11 ~ Montana Mule Deer of Realtree Roadtrips. Just click on the red Show Calendar button and choose September 14, 2008 episode.

Let us take you to some of the most scenic terrain where you will have an opportunity to hunt some of the greatest big game and fish some of the most prestigious waters in Montana.

About Us

Jammin (pronounced like Jay-min) grew up Hunting and Fishing in Minnesota from the time he could walk.

He graduated in 1986 from Northwest Professional Outfitters and Guide School in Victor, Montana. After graduating, he was placed in Jackson Hole, Wyoming and worked as a guide for 7 years with several successful Hunting Operations.

It's been more than ten years now that he moved back to Montana and started his own business, which is now going on its 20th year of operation as a Professional Outfitter in Montana.

Jammin has hunted Big Game animals from Alaska to Africa and has a keen Hunters understanding of his Clients hunting needs on Guided Hunts.

For more information on your next Hunting Vacation in Montana or to book your next hunt contact us: Western Timberline Outfitters P.O. Box 839 Plains, Montana 59859 (406)826-3874 Click here to contact us by Email

Location of Montana Hunts

Western Timberline Outfitters is headquartered in 

Wild Horse Plains, Montana USA

located 85 miles Northwest of Missoula in the Cabinet Mountains.

This territory has some heavily timbered areas along with scattered meadows. 

Our Hunters Cabin and Lodge are located within our hunting area. It is a two room cabin with bathroom facilities. You will return to the Lodge each night. In this area we conduct our hunts for Whitetail, High Country Mule Deer, Elk, Bear, Mountain Lion and Bighorn Sheep. 

It is a fairly low elevation area, hunting usually between 3500 and 6500 feet. 

The terrain is moderately steep.

Our second hunting unit is located in the Ranch Country of South Central Montana near the Crazy Mountain Range. This is where we hunt Mule Deer, Whitetail and Antelope. The elevation is approximately 4500 feet. The terrain includes agriculture fields, rolling breaks and coulees. The vegetation is mostly sage brush and juniper bushes. (Watch out for cactus!) 

Our hunters stay in the ranch cabins which are comfortable with bathroom facilities. From the Bunk House you can view the abundance of wild game where you can relax after a strenuous day of hunting.